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Freezing 65 Chapter Recap.

Well I suppose that I asked for it.
Well for the first time in..........................a really long time, something of significance is really happening, and more importantly, we might just maybe hope that there could potentially be a possibility of finally getting back to Brigett doing something. (ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHH IF THEY DON'T I'M LEGIT GOING TO KILL SOMETHING ARRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGG) So basically Mably's  brilliant plan turned out to be not really so brilliant, because she is now a snivilling baby (apparantly at least) who is basically out of the game, and the company is being systematically torn down by the world goverments. This is a bad thing for our heroes but a very good thing for us, because there is DEFINITLY going to be some real fighting very soon, (FINALLY) and it will likely involve a Bridgett vs. Chiffon fight, because we know that Bridgett is going against cheviron (gosh I have no clue how to spell that, oh well) and Chiffon definitly seems firm in her not turning. EPICSAUCE FIGHT. I'm so happy I could just poop. But no one wants to see that so instead we get the zombie Gnome.

 Good Hunting.

Beelzebub chapter review

    I have to say right off the bat that I NEED HILDA BACK! It was kind of diffrent and intresting (not to mention funny) to see Hilda without her memories, but...I need some buttkicking and she seems to be incapable of doing that. "that" being, beating the crap out of anyone who slightly ticks her off.  *sigh* I suppose I should stop ranting and get down with the review. First and most important part to mention is there was only a confrontation, no fight, between Kunida and Hilda. In the previous chapter Hilda recognized Kunida as a threat (purly with her womans intuition not from rembering anything, scary I know). But not much happened from that confrontation. Twards the end of the chapter we learn Yolda is Hildas sister (I swear they said that somewhere before, but even if they didn't it should be blaitently obvious, I mean they look exactly alike but whatever mabey I'm just ahead of the curve). THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT HAPPENED THIS CHAPTER IS AS FOLLOWS... HILDA CRIED. You can argue with me all you want, but thats how I feel and you can't change that fact. Want to know why she cry's? I gess its your lucky day because I am going to spill it out for you. She cry's because she feels that she is being forced to regain her memories and that no one cares what she thinks... which is NOT the Hilda we love. Thats how it ends with Hilda running off crying and everyone else not knowing what the heck to do. Hope you enjoyed this wait for next week and read more manga :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

One piece chapter 654 Review

          Nothing extremely important happened this chapter except that they safely made it to the surface, which I suppose is good to know. But we didn't get anymore information on what changed over the two years, which stinks, because I was kind of hoping that we would. Ah oh well I mean we learned lots of other little things, especially about Nami and you know I love learning about Nami. She likes baths over showers is one thing yup,very important information..... Gahhh... I want to show a picture of fanservace in all its glory but I know that I shouldn't. Grrrr... gosh dang it all I'm just gonna keep typing. Soo.... back to One piece umm.. oh fishing, they went fishing, well they didnt mean to really but they did anyway. Its kind of a funny story really, so Luffy wanted some fish for dinner, and as you may know what luffy's stomach wants luffy's stomach gets. Anyway luffy  ko's a fish tells Usopp to drag it with a harpoon thing, which he does, but the problem is that before they could get the fish on deck a bigger fish eats their fish ( which still has the harpoon in it) so long story short they end up getting dragged up into to a scary death current which brought them to the new world.
         Hmm... I don't know what to put as the main picture so instead of the normal picture I am going to let you have a glimps of what women look like in my eyes and why they scare me to death.


Sankarea Chapter 25 is out!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kenichi 461 review

Sorry for being late on the chapter.
In this chapter a lot of things happen. First off Miu stop her punch right before she was about to hit Kenichi. Everyone is suprised, especially Junazard. Then he brings out Pengulu(big sword guy) a big problem because not only is he like master class but he has a thrist for blood. He fights with Miu(Bulu) and it seems like she is doing well and then she gets stuck to the wall with a knife. It seemed like she would get killed until BAM!!! Kenichi uses his Mubyoushi and knocks him back and Miu starts to remember. Then that's basically the chapter in a nutshell.

I thought that this was a pretty good chapter. I mean who would not think that the Mubyoushi Kenichi used was awesome. He knock that huge guy back and when he was on his last legs no doubt. Even though this chapter felt short, I still thought that a lot happened Miu kindof regains her memories and Kenichi got off a great punch. This chapter seemed to the beginning of a climax for this arc. Overall this was a great chapter.

There are things that I'm hoping for the next chapters. For one I would like Miu to get her memory back soon but if I know manga it will probably be stretched out with more fighting and talking. So, I do predict that at least the next two will be fighting, but if I'm wrong then great! I would love it if they get Miu memories back soon. I would also like to see a fighting between Junazard and somebody because it would make for an interesting battle and there is not really that much more to ask for. I do hope that theses things will come soon.

Naruto 571 and One Piece 654 are out! (recap coming soon)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Yeah! SOPA and PIPA are Shelved

As you might have already heard SOPA and PIPA got shelved. That means free creativity for everyone! After what everyone has said online, the support of these laws were virtually gone in both House and Senate. That is great news for us and everyone. Hopefully another law like this would be coming any time soon. If it does though please help protect the internet.

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Take on Why to stop SOPA

Ok so I haven't posted all week because of exams, but I just wanted to follow up on Chris' post on stop SOPA, because his was just basically its bad and it shouldn't happen. But here is the bigger deal, because if you read my post on buying stuff or not, you know that I am 100% in favor of doing stuff legally, for instance I'm getting Shonen Jump Alpha. But the problem is that first off, that dosn't have all the Manga I read, also its 2 weeks behind. So in the end often the only way to stay caught up is to read it on places like mangastream or mangahere etc. and then obviously with SOPA those are gone and have a nice big felony on them. And us in America will not be able to read some of the smaller manga. So yea.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Piece chapter 653 Review

          What seems like a rather "insagnificant" and funny chapter might not be so... happy... it starts out with Madam Shirley (and her creepy eyes) breaking her crystal ball. This is very significant because it shows just how much of an impact the straw hats have had on Fishman island.  For Madam Shirley to break her crystal ball (which has never been wrong) and instead put her faith in the straw hats is, a huge show of trust. She seems to think that her prediction was wrong and that the has no need of her "gift" anymore. But is that truly the case? In a way the straw hats destroyed fishman island, they destroyed the racism and hatred toward humans, because Fishman Island's protector and savior was indeed human. But there is also the possibility that the prediction wasn't talking about that either, instead it was talking about something in the distant (or not so distant) future.
          Aside from that dark note this truly was a funny chapter, with many warm and heartfelt goodbyes, and a promise. A promise from Luffy and the crew ( and nosebleed-san) that one day they would escort her to the surface so she could safely see a real forest. She in turn promised not to be such a crybaby, which would definitely be a change...Oh and one more thing of note, a miracle really, Luffy paid attention during the  explanation of the new log pose. This is going to prove troublesome for the rest of the crew because aside from pointing the way to 3 different islands, it also indicates which one is the most dangerous. Gladly it should prove entertaining for us though because it would seem that every island is going to prove a challenge. Well thats it for this week nothing to do now but wait for chapter 654 and read more manga :)

Stop SOPA and PIPA

I know that we are a reviewing site so this is why I'm posting this. If these laws pass in the United States it will really hurt how we would run our blog. I know that not many people read our blog right now, but we like to posted about anime and manga. The SOPA and PIPA laws will try to get rid of the sites that have copyrighted material and we know that we show pictures of anime and manga. But we just do this for fun and to help others. So if you live in the United States and would hate if the internet was censored please petition against this laws with google and many other sites.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Naruto 570 recap

This chapter was very interesting. I give to be one of the better chapters because it shows that Naruto really wants to help the tailed beasts. He helped the ape monkey(I don't remember how many tails he had) and the beast gave Naruto something but you can't see if it was just a fist bump or chakra or even something else hopefully we get to find out soon. In this chapter it really shows how the Nine -Tails really starts to like Naruto. Naruto also trusts the Nine-Tails because in the end Naruto actually released the Nine-tails. I mean really all thoses years of pain but now those two know how to get along with each other. Now that he is released will he turn on Naruto? Only time will tell. You can probably conclude that the next chapter will be awesome since they are fighting together now.

One Piece 653 and Naruto 570 are out!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Freezing Chapter 64 Recap

Ok sooooooooooooooo chapter 64 is put out a day after chapter 63...........I may not be complaining about them coming out fast (considering it was almost 2 months between 62 and 63) but this is a bad thing. They are clearly trying to catch up to the realease quickly, and the translation was not very good at all. In fact, it was an absolutly awful hot steamy fresh out of the oven poopsical (like a popsical but with poop, its like poop on a stick) it was so bad that I'm afraid to read to much into some parts of this chapter because I've got a strange feeling that at some points it dosn't really say what it says. But oh well, when I'm completly wrong on everything I say I'll just blame it on the translation. Now on with the recap!

        So even though one problem (USE YOUR MAIN CHARECTERS DANGNABIT!!) was not addressed, at least something pretty major happened. So first off we find out that Chevaleir has no intention of keeping this generation of E-Pandoras around any longer. They are moving on to bigger and better things, and by not keeping them around I don't mean they are sending them home. (well maybe you could put it that way) Then something interesting happens. Mably sends her father a message informing him of the general wrongness of the E-Pandora experiments. And then contraray to any of the occupiers beliefs this big powerful buissness owner actually has a sense of honer. Mr. Mably decieds to "go to war" with Chevalier. (not sure if the translation should be literally like nukes and ak47s go to war or buissness stuff or whatever) And at the end we get more creepy mad scientist stuff, involving selling souls to the devil.
      So basically what this means is that we should expect some real action (finally) in the near future. And I'm pretty pumped thinking about the possibilities here. Because Shiffon will not go against Chevaleir and if she sides with them I'm sure others will side with her, so there is the potential for some awsome fights there. Also in good news is that even though Mably refused Bridget's help (much to my dismay at the time) Bridget is clearly invested in the situation at least a little. So if fighting breaks out over this whole thing you can bet that Bridget will be involved (YES!!!!!FINALLY). The other interesting thing this brings up is the whole conspiricy idea. Now in case you don't read claymore please stop reading this right now. I'm not kiddin. Spoilers. Well you had your chance. So if you're anything above a moron (because thats what I am and I realised it) then you see a lot of similarities between Claymore and Freezing which I don't need to go through them all, but if it turns out that Chevalier has been making the Novas come so they can maintain power or something like that, I'm gonna just give up and say that Freezing is just a futuristic, more perverted version of Claymore. And the thing that frightens me is that from the way they were talking at the Mably's buissness meeting thing, its definitly a possibility. Hopefully thats not what it is because that is painfully obvious.
Well thats it for this recap. maybe there will be another one tommorow. (not really though, I want not piece of steamy poopsical for a translation)

Freezing Chapter 64 is out

Link to Chapter:Freezing 64

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The World God only Know (english dubbed) Review

Let me start with this, The World God only Knows is a good anime. For thoses that watched the anime and liked it would know the story and those that don't like this anime this post is not for you. For the people that are new to it here is a short summary of it: Keima is a dating sim champion. Cute girls are rendered powerless by his irresistible game playing techniques. Too bad things aren’t that way in the real world. That is, until his tempting game playing causes a real live—and very bubbly-cute—demon hunter named Elsie to materialize! Now Elsie wants Keima to help her free hot girls from sneaky demons who secretly possess them.(source Anime Network) Now to get to the review both Japanese dubbed and English dubbed. The Japanese dubbed version of this anime was great, great voice actors and great plot. The only down side are new seasons. If you have read the manga you will know what happens and not to give anything away it's kind of hard to see how far they take the anime. The English dubbed version, same plot and animations but obviously a different voice cast. I know how people criticise the American voice actors but in this anime it was not bad. Since only the first episode is out right now it's hard to tell but the voices are pretty good. Keima's voice was lower than I expected but it was too bad. I still like the story and plot. So in my overall opinion the anime is good and so far the English dubbed isn't bad, so I give it a 8 out of 10 because of the plot and anime. Hopefully you fans will like it too.
If anyone would like to watch the first episode in English click this: The World God only Knows

Freezing Chapter 63

This Month in Freezing we get basically nothing. Thanks. We start off with a continuation of a heartfelt conversation between Mably and whoever the heck the other girl is. all I know is that its not Bridget, so who gives a crap. Basically we confirm some things that we already knew. And then Shiffon and Mably have a convo, and where could it be? You guessed it, THE SHOWERS, because this is Freezing, where else would they be? Mably is clearly thinking about rebellion, and the one interesting thing all chapter is Shiffon. Because she refuses to help. Saying that as Pandoras they should trust the Goverment with total obedience. We can't really be sure about what exactly that means. potential for people to fight her in the future. But probably not Bridget, because that would involve her returning to the story. Oh wait. after The Shower convo we get some hope.
ARHRHRHAHFHSAHFASHFASKHLFH!!!!! WHY NOT! dang it. Nothing let to do but send this chapter to the wall of shame, for a death by firing squad.
Alright Freezing. That chapter is dead, it now never happend. You get a clean slate. Get back to the stuff that made me start reading so closly. And thats about it. No more of this crap.Give us back our main charecters, or at least a little action. Preferably both. So nothing of significance happened this month so we'll just have to wait for the next one for freezing to get back to being awsome. 

The new Kenichi, Freezing, and the world God only knows are out and ready to read

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Humpday AMV

This Week we get Darker than black AMV. A definite fav of mine in both anime and amv. As usual all props go to the creator and not me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To Buy or Not to Buy?

          Well as the label would suggest I've spent more time than is probably healthy thinking about wheather to buy anime and manga when you can just read it online for free, so I decided that I'll get something out of it.
           MY stance on this issue (glares angrily and shakes fist at chris) is to buy manga and anime when you can, but not all the time. You should treat it like that kid with no friends. You should go and talk to him a little and be nice. Maybe He's actually pretty cool and you become good friends or it turns out that He's got no friends because He's a jerk. So I'm not gonna tell you to spend all your money on anime and manga even if you don't like it. Go ahead and watch/read it online, but if you like it you should consider putting on a christmas list or spend some birthday money, don't just download it. Because if you download it that means that you obviously like it, so the makers have done all they can to get your support. Now its your turn.
        Now lets be clear, I don't think that you should buy stuff and watch anime on hulu or some other legal way just because its legal. (although thats Big too) The main reason is that I like anime and manga and want to get more of it in america. But why should Funimation go out on a limb to get rights for a big exspensive anime if its not going to sell anyways? Why would they spend lots of money to get not crappy voice actors? Why would it ever be on any sort of real TV? The only way that we will ever see anime and manga have a bigger place in america is if it sells. So basically if you really do like a manga/anime then when you just download it and don't ever buy it you are lowing its chance of survival and success. That is the big reason that comes before it being legal for me. Because its not like you'll get arrested or anything, you buy stuff to support it and encourage more. Thats why. The day that the majority of americans think of something other than pokemon and yu-gi-oh-crap will never come otherwise.
         Anime has a whole lot more to gain by all of this. Because Its more money almost always produce a better product. If you don't believe me you should have a look at "Cowboy Bebop"s DVD set. "Cowboy Bebop" is the best selling anime in america ever (I'm pretty sure at least) and its not hard to tell. Right from the get-go. Its not in one of those cardboard things that funimation uses so much. Its actually got some Legit cool special features, and has what I think is the best dub ever on an anime. Just think about a world where you would no longer need to watch anime in japanese because the dub is so unbareable. Thats a future I can get behind.
       So I'm certainly not telling you to buy anime all up the wazoo and to never watch/read unless its the official place. BUT I am asking that if you Like an anime/manga and you 've got some spending money, buy some occasionally. And if you can watch something on Hulu, watch it on Hulu. Sacrifice 30 seconds of your time for those ads, and remind yourself that its for the greater good. Remind yourself that you are making the small steps needed to make the days when anime and manga was a thing that only pasty nerds and asians do a distant memory. Remind yourself that you are moving closer to a day when you need not avoid dubs because they are such peices of steamy poop. Remind yourself that your money is contributing to a day when you don't need to worry about a manga being realesed in the U.S. Remind yourself of those things and by the time you're done, the ad will be done and you can go on watching.       And always remeber...........
.........Karma Gnome is watching you.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Blue Exorcist Volume 1 Review

Before I start I'll just clarify. This is not a review of "The Blue Exorcist" manga, this is just a review of the volume that you buy. Basically does the volume give you reason to go and spend your not so hard earned birthday money on. Now on with the review.
                        This is volume 1 of "The Blue Exorcist" It contains chapters 1-3. That may not seem like much but remember that these chapters are all like 42 pages a piece, so if it was a "One Piece" volume it would have 6 chapters. In case you forgot chapter 3 ends with Shiemi on her first day in school. Now onto extras that you won't get by reading online.
                                                                  Here be the cover art.
Nice Little Picture of Rin goin all blue flamey.
      There is nothing I noticed that was extra anywhere inside the main volume, (i.e. SBS in onepiece) But after the end of chapter 3 there is a entire little section titled Extras. First in this section are some little bio stats on different charecters giving the info of things like age, birthday, weight, blood type, avg. hours of sleep, hobbies, favorite manga genres, and favorite type of girl. (or boy in shiemi's case) The charecters featured are Rin, Yukio, Mephisto, Shiemi, and Shiro. Then there is a "Illistrated guide to Demons." The Demons featured are: Satan, Gehenna Gaate, Goblin, Dekalp, and Coal Tar. Each has a little picture and a little blurb on them. Then last but not least some early sketches of stuff. Most of the extras are pretty standerd but they are still there. Which is to say that it certainly dosn't stand out from most other manga, BUT its better than some that do next to nothing.
                            This volume (like almost all manga volumes) costs $9.99 so its not super expensive but its not just crap money, thats 10 days worth of Mcdonalds pops. So I would say that if you really like the manga then its a good buy, but if "The Blue Exorcist" is nothing more than just another manga you read, probebly not a great buy.

P.S. I think that I'm going to try and do one of these weekly, A lot will be of the same series (hello 50+ One Piece volumes) but I'll try and mix it up a little. Also its not all manga I'll throw in some Anime occasionally. But do remeber that I've got to buy the things if I'm reviewing it, so there will not be a million different series featured. Mainly just my favs.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Claymore 122

Picture and my reading it are curtasy of

In this Months chapter we begin with some epicsauce buildup for some crazy dope teamwork against the scary people. And Miria accepts their help. Then they decide to attack the scary person and they start flying, an-WHAT! maybe I'm just slow......ok thats not a maybe, but WHEN THE HECK DID THAT HAPPEN, Flying claymores=scary. They then procced to tag team up the wazoo and effectively cut off the wings and I'm guessing mostly-dead claymores. Things are looking good for the claymores wich means that something is going to go horribly wrong because nothing is this easy. Then Hysteria (I think thats who the awakend person is, but gosh its not my fault there are a million different claymores and a lot of them look alike) is wingless but just starts laughing. But no one told a joke. So its obvious that she is about to start trying. Then Hysteria informs her opponents that she didn't really like the wings anymore and was faster on the ground. Then we get a pretty sizable bomb dropped on us. She has the same awakend body form as Clare does, and seeing as how Hysteria is one of the most powerful warriors ever we can assume she is also now one of the most powerful awakend beings alive. So Clare will be able to go toe to toe with anyone when in her awakened body, (but she probebly has a little ways to go before she can take Priscilla if she gets realesed.) So at the end of the chapter we now know 1. Clare has the potential to be an absolute Boss. (I want to see her fight lots and lots of people) 2. The Claymores at the orginazation are in some trouble because Hysteria is kinda goin hulk on them.
                  So looking to the future we can be pretty positive that Clare will have some awsome fights against some really powerful people, and that may be pretty big but thats about all we get from this chapter. I really hope that we can just get back to more of Clare, Claymore is going through a similar problem that Freezing is. They don't seem to want to do anything with the main charecters.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

So far there are 4, soon to be 5, different versions of the same story. The artistry of each is different and unique in its own way. Personally I feel that even the stories are the same they all have a different view to it. If you are a fan I would recommend you read the other versions and if you are just starting out start with the original to see if you like the story.
Maoyuu Maou
(Click on links below each picture for a link to the manga)

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha(original)