Saturday, December 24, 2011

For those that read Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Chapter 8 just came out and it is exciting

Onihime VS...

I haven't finished reading it so i can't say how I feel about it, but I know one thing for a fact, and that is they know the meaning of the word fan-service... yay!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Breaker: New Waves Chapter 53

It has finally happened!!!!!! Shioon got pissed, I never thought I would see this day. One of the leaders of the SUC just haaaad to go and try to run Shioon and Jinie over, of corse that wouldn't make Shioon mad. What really pissed him off was a combination of two things. First, the fact that Jinie was hurt (She looks dead to me but whatever) and second the fact that a man claiming to be one of Sunsengnim's disciples would try to kill someone using a car(according to Shioon a disciple of the Goomonryoong would only kill someone in a brawl). So sufficed to say Shioon chalenges the fake disciple. the question is wether or not this is a good idea. It is true that Shioon has been training for this fight, but lets face it, Shioon can't be consittered a martial artist without a working Ki center. We can only hope that the training was enough to overcome that HUGE disadvantage. Well not much else happened this week, all we can do now is wait and pray for his success, and read more manga :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Freezing Chapter 62 Death of a Comrade, Recap.

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So this month in Freezing we get a little bit of a slow down. Last month we had a rapant E-Pandora loose in the facility (wherever it is that they are) formally known as Gina, she had the Mark IV medicine and it made her just as good as the normal Pandoras for a while but her body couldn't take and so she went crazy and tried to blow up the place, and we got to see Headphones Pandora in action, and Gina was killed.
Chapter 62.
Nothing to special happens in the first few pages. The E-Pandoras have a funeral for Gina. Then things get a little bit interesting, Amelia says that she will never forgive o'hara lady. (I don't much like that person I think that she is going to result in nothing good.) Then out come a bunch of Pandora and you guessed it Scarlet OHARA! (and she dosn't look happy) then we get a confrontation between Ohara and Amelia. INTENSITY. And Amelia is POed about them being used as guinea pigs and Ohara reminds them that the E-Pandoras that they agreed to this, (Can't really argue with that.) Then we get a Monster bitch-slaping. Most interesting is in the last panel Ohara clearly dosn't believe that Gina was a sacrafice.
The last page with Ohara was my favorite. It shows that even though she is a real hardnose with the E-Pandoras, she does care about the girls and it does wear on her that she puts them through so much. That gives me some hope for her because I didn't have any before, and I would love to see a little more charecterization with her. So that was the good news about this chapter, the bad news, once again (for like the 3rd time in a row I think) not much Sattelizer-Kazuya stuff, and even more worse Sattela didn't fight again. So I am obliged to insert this.
Well thats it for this recap.

This man understands my fear...