Monday, March 25, 2013

Freezing Season 2 announced

After a two year wait Freezing season 2 was announced. Excitement at a maximum.

Baccano! First Thoughts

Last Saturday I finally started watching Baccano! I made it through the first few episodes until I got pulled away (reluctantly) from my TV. I say reluctantly because I was enjoying it so much that I didn't want to stop. The main reason I enjoyed this anime is the unique way they present the story. They don't just stay with one main character, oh no, they have multiple characters who each have their own unique back stories. It doesn't end there though, not only is Baccano not limited to on character, it jumps across the timeline. The characters don't physically travel through time, but as viewers we travel back and forth across the timeline gathering bits and pieces of character background. This creates a unique way of storytelling that isn't often seen, ever. I like this very much because I am all about new and different concepts in anime, even if it doesn't work I still give the anime props for trying. Baccano does this very well by giving each character ample time to fold out in the past/future(as well as showing other plot developments) while showing how they interact in the main time. The characters are also awesome and deserve mention, but since I haven't seen all of it yet and I want to avoid accidental spoilers. The animation also deserves a mention because it is very well done, although it should be mentioned that this anime is very graphic and has a lot of gore. Because of the amount of gore I cannot recommend this for every one, but if you can stomach a "little" blood than I would highly recomend this to any anime fan who is looking for something new and awesome; plus the English dub is amazing. So yeah, why are you still here? Go watch Baccano!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Freezing Chapter 119 and 120 Are Out!

I tried to find a good picture for this manga but they were all sexual's a funny meme

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

School Days Review:Why I Didn't Hate It

I finally finished School Days over the weekend, and I can't say I hated it, which surprised me. Now I certainly didn't love it, and I can totally understand why it is so universally hated. But I still enjoyed it...for the most part. I didn't like there even being a possibility that the heroine (main/crazy/severed head one) was raped by the best friend (Sawanaga). This was the most disturbing thing to me, followed by the scene with Kotonoha sailing out toward the horizon with Makoto...'s head. That was followed by the... dissection which was also preformed by Kotonoha, and finally came the actual death of Makoto which wasn't really disturbing in fact it was very satisfying. While all of these things are certainly jolting, but I could deal with them, crazy and disturbing as they were, they aren't as stomach turning and disgusting as rape/NTR of the heroine. I admit that this wasn't clear in the anime and it is possible that it didn't happen, but seriously even making it a possibility is taking it to far for me. Severed heads, fine. dissection, fine. Murder, fine. But rape/NTR? That's taking it to far. Maybe my priority are skewed, but that isn't something that should be in any anime and it made me very angry. Anyway aside from the obvious reasons for disliking it, you guys probably want to know why I liked it...didn't hate it. The answer is simple, it was new, different, and entertaining. These may not seem like the kind of things that would counter the many negative elements that are in the anime. But in my opinion as long as an anime is entertaining and keeps me coming back for more, it is a good anime. Now this anime is very flawed so I wouldn't rate it very high, but it was entertaining and as a bonus it was a new and different twist on the harem genre (or possibly a very well done melodrama, but lets not go into that). Those are my thoughts on School Days and my attempt at explaining why I didn't totally hate it, thank you for reading and...until next time, don't forget to read more manga :)

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Kenichi 513: Super(fanservice)Rimi!!!!

This is what we will miss out on

Fairy Tail 322: Standing in the face of the opposition Fairy Tail stands stron

Fairy Tail 322: Erza being epic to bad I won't see this animated

Beelzebub 195:Daddy Switch

This chapter is a continuation and, seemingly, end of the Nasubi fight. Oga was getting has behind handed to him by Nasubi who was claiming that Oga was using Baby Beel wrong. He said that Oga was to soft and he wasn't using Beel to his fullest, he said that Oga and his new knight (Kazaki) were super weak and had no real idea how to fight using spells. It was somewhat believable because as Nasubi was saying all those things he was wiping the floor with Oga. Unfortunately for him his subordinates weren't a match for BA Kanzaki, and as Nasubi noticed their defeat he got his ass handed to him by Oga. While the fight may seem over next week Oga might come face to face with the big boss. Whatever happens next week it will be hard to beat the epicness of Oga's "Daddy Switch."

Sankarea Chapter 36 is out!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

School Days First Reactions

Last night I started watching School Days against my better judgment and to be wasn't horrible. It was a nice break from most anime I've been watching. It took a normal romance and corrupted it which isn't usually seen in anime. Plus as a bonus as a viewer I had a fun time imagining myself in Makoto's shoes thinking how I would have played my cards to keep all the girls loving me. It was also funny watching Makoto be a total dumbass as he ignored his girlfriend while cheating on another girl, if he was actually smart he could have had them both. As Makoto began making his descent toward the most hated character in an anime because you know the hatred you feel towards him will be expressed in the form of a...break up...yeah, break up works... basically Makoto gets his comeuppance and it is very satisfying. I may not have finished this anime and I know how it ends, but in my opinion that makes the whole series more enjoyable because I get to see how the characters become so messed up without hating the actions they take to get there. Basically I am enjoying this series so far because I'm not as attached to the charecters as someone who doesn't know about the ending. This may take away from the shock value of the ending but in my opinion knowing the ending and loosing shock value isn't all that bad in comparison to the enjoyment and satisfaction you get when you see Makoto making a jerk move, like "haha you jerk you're gonna get whats coming to you." So overall I don't see this as a horrible anime so far anyway, a full review will be coming soon.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Get this Fairy Tail anime is going to end March 30

The worst part of this is that they are going to end it in the middle of the Tournament arc

Monday Musings: Importance of intentionality in characters.

Hello! The bowling season is now finished and rugby season begins for me. This means that generally speaking I will have a little bit more time available to me. For this week's musings I'm looking at characters in anime and manga and what I think makes a character good or bad. Of course this is really just my opinion and disagreement is very welcome!

So what is it that makes a good character? Intentionality. (yes that is a word, just invented it) What I mean by intentionality is doing things intentionally. This may seem a strange thing, particularly with a character. I am not saying that when characters that are bad pop up in anime and manga it isn't that the creator was not trying hard enough, but rather that everything about the character is made intentionally so as to further the personality of them. So something unintentional would be, "Well I'm going to make this guy carry a big sword." "Why is that?" "Because it's cool dangitt!" The best characters have everything about them is there for a reason. Take Luffy from One Piece for example, his power is that he is a rubber man. It fits him perfectly, because first off, it is ridiculous and goofy enough that he can do funny stuff like blow up into a balloon to deflect cannon balls, or have his belly become huge after eating, and have some really funny stuff. It fits because he is generally a weird and ridiculous guy. Also being rubber allows him to be really reckless a lot of the time, like jumping off of buildings, and be totally fine. If he had another power he would probably be dead just because he is an idiot. Rubber also works well because rubber always bounces back, just like he does. His power fits with his personality perfectly. combining for one of my favorite characters in anime. Another good example is Guts and Griffith from Berserk. Guts is a big dude with a big sword, his style of fighting fits well with his personality. A shoot first and ask questions later relying primarily on his brute strength to win fights. While Griffith is a much more refined personality and fighting style, he uses a beautiful curved sword counting not on his brute strength and raw willpower, but speed precision and skill. Imagine if both characters were the exact same but swapped weapons. They would still be good characters, but they wouldn't work as well. Do the same thing with Luffy and Zoro, what if Luffy was the master swordsman and Zoro was a rubber man. It just wouldn't mesh with the characters.

I may do other posts on the topic of characters and other things that make them good. But for now good bye.

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