Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Humpday AMV

Got a Gosick amv this week, and for an update there will be no podcast this week because I'll be in Detriot for Bowling State Finals. As always all props go to the creator and not any of us.

Manere sitientem amicis

Friday, February 24, 2012

Kenichi 465 Recap

There isn't really to much to say about this chapter than Miu regains her memories! At the beginning it shows that Miu regained her memories and started to cry. Then Kenichi was consoling her, but that sweet moment ended when they were attacked again. They were fighting pretty hard. Also having a pretty hard time. In the end they were able to defeat him using Miu and Kenichi gauntlets as a distraction and then Kenichi and Miu kick his butt.

I thought that this was a good chapter. I know that I have been saying that a lot but that is because it is really good right now. Miu finally got her memories back and that is always a good thing. I can't wait to see what happens next because this did seem like a short chapter to me. Hopefully they will be longer in the future.

Fairy Tail Chapter 272 Recap

   Gahahahaha, when I first saw Raven Tail, I thought they would be somewhat interesting but mostly boring. What I mean is that I thought  that there would be a couple cool fights, but in the end they would get completely wrecked by Fairy Tail. I am glad to say that I was wrong, they are more evil than even I could have hoped for. But before we get into that lets get on with the recap. 
   This week was a Natsu saves the day kind of week. Flair ( the hair lady that Lucy was fighting) was using some of her hair that had been cut off to basically take a little girl hostage. Since it was already cut, there wasn't any hair leading back to Flair so the only person who knew about it was Lucy. Since Lucy is just to nice, she basically gives up so the girl won't be hurt, but Flair doesn't let her, she covers Lucy's mouth so she can't surrender and begins to beat her to a pulp. But of corse we don't get to enjoy that for long because Natsu comes to the rescue and saves the little girl. Lucy then uses the opening Natsu gave her to use a super powerful spell. It seems like Flair is done with but just before Lucy can finish the spell, this is my favorite part, someone from the sidelines nullifies Lucy's magic, at which point her magic runs out and she is declared the looser. Bwahahaha, gives me chills just thinking about how evil Raven Tail is, *clears throat*, anyway after Lucy is declared the looser, she starts crying, but Natsu walks up to her and tells her not to worry about it, because this way it makes things more interesting. Well thats the end of the recap folks, oh, from now on I will be covering Fairy Tail, so treat me well, thanks. See you next week, but until then don't forget to read more manga :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

First Podcast

If you hear our podcast please comment and tell us what we can do to make it better because this is our first podcast thank you

Friday, February 17, 2012

One Piece Chapter 657 Recap

This week was not quite what I expected. For starters, I did not expect Luffys group to make it to the snowy part of the island so quickly. I guess I thought they would spend more time talking to the legs, but that didn't happen, insted Luffy just dragged them off to...well...someplace cold I suppose. Another thing that caught me by supprise was when the other half of the crew, the half that was captured, found the samuri's head (yep just his head...and he was still alive) I didn't expect it to be in like twenty diffrent pieces. I can't help but wonder who did that to him, if it was indeed a person, for all we know it could have been the scientests. I have to admit I think he deserved being cut into little pieces, talking to Nami like that, WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?!!!! ONLY I GET TO TALK TO NAMI LIKE THAT!!!!!! ... *Deep breath* ok... I'm ok... where was I? Oh. Right, after Sanji put the Samuri's head back togather, Franky blew a hole in the wall and they escaped into a room with giant children. Yeah I have no idea what or who these Hazzard suit wearing people are, but they are messed up! Thats all I can say about them, because well... I guess there isn't much to be said, they kidnap people and do experiments on them and thats really all we know about them. My hope for next week is that we can figure out who cut the Samuri appart, but until then lets just read more manga :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Warning, contains a little bit of "questionable" language.
Once again in "honor" of a series entering its final days that I have never really gotten into. This is a great vid. All credit goes to whoever created this. This isn't by the original so I don't know who made it.
Happy Humpday!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

One Piece Chapter 656 Recap

To start out let me say that I'm sorry for this being late, I got really busy hese last couple of days. Well anyway on to the recap. I was really exited for this chapter, you know dragons and all that, and I have to say, it didn't dissapoint. The chapter started out where the last one left off (obviously) with Luffy, Robin,Zoro, and Usopp facing a dragon. But it took an "unexpected" turn when it started to atack them. I say unexpected in quotations because while I thought that it was a nice dragon,  my colleagues assured me he wasn't. Well congrads guys you were right and I hope you're all happy too because MY cute little dragon got sliced half by Zoro...*wipes tears from eye* yeah, um, so the dragon dies (obviously he was cut in half) and we meet on of the strangest charecters so far, a man without a torso. Yup he only had his legs, yet he was somehow able to talk which is weard but whatever. After we get two glimpses of him, yes two but no more than two, it switches back to their ship and we see everyone has been put to sleep with knockout gas. Then the chapter ends with them getting carried onto Punk by some weird guys in hazzard suits, something thats alllwaaayyys good to see. My thougnts on who they are and where they are takeing them mostly involve things like  "GET YOUR HANDS OFF NAMI WHO DO YOU THING YOU ARE?!!!" stuff like that, which you might think  isn't really helpful to you, but it is knowlage you will one day need, I know this for a fact. How do I know? Because I have connections, I can't say who, well I can but I'm not going to because life needs more mystery. So while you are pondering my words, and checking you're locks, which I would recamend agianst, you should also wait expectantly for the next release. And read more manga :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Naruto episode 248-249 recap

It was just amazing. Watching all of this happen with Naruto's mom and dad was different than reading it. The episodes gave more feel that you get from watching it than reading it. It was able to express more emotion. I don't really have all that much to say about than, these episodes with his mom were probably the best and most heart felt episodes right next to the episodes where Naruto talks to his dad. I happy to watch even more until the end.

Post Humpday AMV

In Honer of Bleach entering its last arc, and the fact that I never successfully read or watched it. Here is a parody AMV. Happy Not Humpday!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Naruto 573 recap(review)

I going to start out with saying another heart felt chapter. Starts off with Naruto laughing at Madara for not knowing the names of the Tailed Beasts. Then it starts to rain as Naruto, Gai and Kakashi begin to fight Madara again. After that the scene changes to information room where the new that Naruto is fight is sent to the whole alliance. Then it goes onto everyone's personal thoughts of Naruto. First Hinata saying how she has always been behind chasing Naruto but after the war she will be there holding his hand and helping him. Kiba says he marked him as a rival. Shino says that he will support Naruto even without a reason. Chouji coming to back him up. Finally Sakura say that no matter what Naruto say everyone will help him and fight together. Then the chapter ends with the sun peaking through the clouds and Sasuke standing evilly.

I thought that this like the past Chapter were awesome. This chapter told the feelings that everyone had for Naruto. It was the calm before the storm even though there was a storm. I thought that a lot happened even though there wasn't a lot of action I was pretty happy with this chapter because of how everyone talked about their feelings of Naruto. This was a very good chapter.

Like this chapter I suspect that the next ones will be awesome too. I don't think that a lot will happen in the next chapters but I do believe that they will be good that is enough said.
The sun peaking through

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Claymore 123 Recap

Curtasy of mangahere, go here to read the chapter.

Alright! New Claymore FTW. It dosn't look good for our heroes as Hystaria is proving to have the ability to open up many cans of whoopass, and our heroes can only open whooptehlittletoe. Which by basic logic whoopass > whooptehlittletoe. Now on with the recap!
We start the chapter with the major claymore cliches of despare and everyone telling everyone else to help everyone else. Then Maria assesess the situation and realises that they are pretty much in deep poop, and is about to go all awakend to beat Hysteria, then gets the big emotional "hurr hurr we be human" speech, and how its ok if some die. Then Maria deciedes to open a can of something, and we will just have to wait and find out if its closer to whoopass or whooptehlittletoe. 
                     So we now know that there is a plan to make the bad people fight each other and it will probably work because thats how it goes in claymore. And thats really about it........................................................oh wait USE YOUR MAIN CHARECTER DANGNABITT!!!!!! ok thats better, to make you happy here are some puppies.

Remeber, Karma Gnome is watching.

Monday, February 6, 2012

So today I had an email in my inbox telling me a new Freezing was realesed, I was all like, "yeah time to do some bloggin" but then it turned out mangareader was just realesing now what mangahere had realesed like 2 weeks ago. AARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. So now I'm all upset, oh well, I'll find something else to blog about in the next couple days.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The World God Only Knows 176 is out

One Piece Chapter 655 Recap

This week three main things happened, all of them related to each other. The first thing that happened was the Strawhats decided where to go(and they got there in the same chapter, which is kinda different). They landed on Punk Hazard, an abandoned Marine base, why was it abandoned? Well we don't know for sure, but it might have something to to with the extreme heat, or maybe it was the dragon. Yup I said dragon and that, dear and faithful readers, is the second big event. I don't even know what to say about it because only saw it for one page then the chapter ended, but I do know that next week will be awesome.
The final big event is that we learn that Smoker knows where they are (Punk Hazard) and is on his way. Not a whole lot to say about that either except that Smoker looks even cooler with his scar. I kinda wonder who gave it to him but there is more important things I want to know right now. Well thats it for me see ya next week and don't forget to read more manga :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Naruto 572 review

This chapter was awesome. We get to see Naruto save, kind of, all the tailed beasts. First off in the beginning the Nine Tails version of Naruto was able to defect the other tailed beasts Bijuu spheres. Then Naruto was able to see the stakes and pull them out off the beasts. After that he goes in the inner thoughts of the Jinchuuriki where even Madara can't go. Then they talk and keep on talking and then it shows the flash back of the beasts in a young age talk to the Sage of the Six paths. Then it goes back in to the fight where Naruto pulls out the stakes and the beasts talk about Naruto, Naruto is the.... Desendent of the Sage maybe? After the beast get sucked in Naruto was able to learn from the Tailed Beasts. What did he learn?

To restate I thought that this chapter was awesome. Even though it wasn't one of the chapters that a lot happens I still thought that it was good. I thought that it was funny is see what the Tailed Beasts looked like when they were younger. Also seeing all of them together in the inner area. How powerful Naruto got was very cool. And last but not least the part where the Beasts were talking about Naruto about is he the Sage's what?

I'm really exicted for the next chapters I supect that we will get to see what Naruto learned. Naruto giving Madara a good beating. A lot of fight will hopefully be coming and I would really like to know what the Beasts thought of Naruto even though it might be a given. Man am I exicited for the next chapters.

Humpday AMV

So this is the AMV "This Is War" of FMA Brotherhood, and even though the only reasons you havn't watch this are 1. You don't want to. or 2. You've lived under a rock for the past few years, Still got to mention: WARNING POTENTIAL SPOILERS! (did I spell that right? oh well whatever)
Here is a link to the makers channel, and as always all props go to them. Happy Humpday!

One Piece 655 and Naruto 572 are out!