Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Naruto the last episode

Well everyone it's been a ride. After 14 and a half years Naruto is coming to an end on March 23. But hey there's still Boruto haha. :)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Sankarea: Undying Love Review

Hi everyone before I start the review this is a warning that I will put spoilers in black text that only show up if you highlight time so don't be alarmed if there are some gaps in the text.

A bit of back story Sankarea was one of the first manga that I have ever read and that started in 2010 it's one of the series that made me want to start this blog. It was one of the best I have in memory and now I'm pretty sad that it had ended. So, it won't be a completely subjective view I just like it so much.

Summary of the plot

Sankarea takes place over the span of a few months With a boy named Chihiro Furuya the main protagonist and has a hardcore zombie obsession and girl named Rea Sanka who has some daddy issues. When their worlds collide a series of events unfold that turn Rea into a real life zombie. The series follows there comedic adventure to see how Rea would be able to live a life as a normal girl as ironic as that can be.


This is a great series and I thought as good enough to reread. Considering that the series is only about 56 chapters not including the extras it is also a pretty quick read. When I was reading I was able to laugh and not going to lie I had a tear at the end. The mixture of seriousness and light heartedness was what I believed was perfect. I began to love the characters as I followed the story through their short few months together.Then the key there is short, this is not a very long series and I would say it felt rushed at the end. But the story did keep me interested until the end.

The art style for this was very clean in my book, it looked great. In some panels they changed the look of the characters to a more simple drawing to show comedic affect and I personally really like when artists do this. I find that kind of thing really funny.The art really brought the characters to life.

Spoilers ahead in white out text
The end was I felt didn't show enough for me. I don't really get why Rea decided to life by herself and not with Chihiro. I mean even though Babu didn't mean that she should stay alone. Then the fact that they ended it like that was really bitter sweet. In the very last chapter I really don't get how Rea seemed to end up immortal because she says to the kids say "hi to your grandmother" which means that she has lived for a long time and she only decayed for a couple months at most it's really weird, but I can't lie I still love it.

The story and art really gave me the belief that it should at least deserve a 8/10 if not greater. The story was fun, the characters are memorable, and the art brought them to life. So in my opinion give it a read if not for this terrible written review do it for the joy that you will feel from reading it.

The best part is that you can buy it on Amazon in English right now each volume is less than 10 bucks so here it is.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hi everyone we are partially back!!

So... I haven't posted on this blog for a while even though it's my baby. College and friends are a big distraction. So I'm thinking that I will start posting again and I'm surprised that people pop in once in a while, it made me pretty happy. I don't think my other friends will post any more, but I will try and do it again. My first real post will be a Sankarea manga review because I just finished it. Not sure if you guys are interest, but it's one of the few that I've actually had time to finish since I started when it first came out. So look out for that.

On a side note me and a buddy of my are going to try and start a manga scanlator site and translate and release stuff we find good. Not sure how it will go or when we will actually start, but it should be interesting haha. At this point I'm testing out his skills and comparing to already know scanners so... cheer us on. Oh if you guys have any suggestions that have raws available tell and we might check it out, but please no yaoi, yuri, or like that kind of stuff please.