Friday, August 31, 2012

Fairy Tail 297

Well Natsu defeated Saber Tooth by himself and it was pretty epic. My only problem from the last chapter was that his final attack name was so long I mean seriously he says that whole name. Maybe it's shorter in Japanese, but translated it to English it was pretty long. Back on to this chapter beside this there was really no action scenes. We just find out that something terrible will happen soon because that showed that future foreshadowing page and it show Levi writing to Lucy in a notebook with everything destroyed and Levi with scars all over. It's really a wonder what happened. It got me really excited to see what will happen next. More importantly though who was that person in the cloak. Zeref maybe, maybe not.

The World God only knows 200

Well this time Keima was actually able to keep Dokurou from reverting back into a child. It's really a wonder what will happen. I find that the World God only knows series unpredictable some times and this is one of them I really do wonder what will happen next. Will it end? Does he have to save her again? It's really a wonder what will happen next, but too bad it won't be out for two weeks so here's hoping it's good.

Kenichi 488, Ukita being Epic

I would have to say that this was a great chapter we get to see Ukita be awesome. It does end with him jumping off a cliff, but it's most likely that he'll live. It was just awesome to see him do that.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Freezing the Review (FUNImation dubbed)

O.k. the day Freezing finally comes out, two days later review time. I have to say it good. The Blu Ray/dvd box that it comes in is good, it's not the cheap cardboard that I have seen on One Piece boxes. It's a nice glossed box to hold the Blu Ray and dvd cases. the cases themselves are good the sleeves have to different images when you open the case it have a more risque image. The discs themselves are kind of plain they don't really have too much on them the Blu Ray has a nice blue and the dvd is a nice red but other than that there really isn't anything to look at. the preorder image booklet is good too, but it's not something you want to display to everyone, if you know what I mean :). Overall I thing that FUNimation did well with the box.

Now on to the series. Before I say anything else I would like to  stay that I like the dub even though what I will say is not so great about it. When I first watched it I thought that Kazuya's voice was a bit to deep compared to his Japanese  voice dub. Rana was also the same for me because when I heard it, it was a bit I don't know not like how Rana would sound I would have thought that they could have chosen a voice actress with a bit higher voice, but that's my own opinion.
Before when I was watching this in Japanese it was good even though they couldn't really pronounce the names and the things that weren't Japanese. I was really glad when I saw that FUNimation dubbed it because I would be able to hear the correct pronunciations. When I actually heard them though the way that they said the stuff was a bit off to me. Not wrong but it just had a weird sound to them. Even with the problems I have with the dub I still like how they dub, I still might cringe when I heard them say Ereinbar Set set and the names, but does not really deter me from the anime. I found it fun to watch.

Usually when I watch an anime I like to rate it. So, I would rate this anime on a scale of 1 to 10 based on its content, art,  and just how much I liked it. But also, since it is an English dubbed I'll rate it on the dubbing also

Content I would give it an 7 because the story was good and it stuck to the manga pretty well from what I have seen. My problem is that the story is not continued because even better stuff happens after words.
For the art I would give it a 10 for the great coloring and shadowing giving it the feeling of a older anime, but also giving it that new feel.

For just how much I liked it I would give it a 10 because for me personally I really love the series even though it's short.

Lastly the dubbing. In my thought process I don't think English dubs are bad. For freezing I felt they could have done better, but it was still good so I'll give it a 7.5.

The average combined score is  a 8.6 out of 10 for its content art, likability, and quality of the dub. So if you were thinking of buying it I would recommend it.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Freezing Eng Dub 8/28/12

Well people the English dubbed version of Freezing is coming out in two days. We are excited for the release. I have been a fan of this anime and manga ever since Joe suggested it to me awhile back the series I thought was great but it was short and I was hoping for a second season but that never came. With this dub I thought Funimation did very well. I do have a problem with Kazuya and Rana though. Kazuya voice is a bit too deep I think and there is just something about Rana's voice that doesn't sit right with me, but either way I will still get the series and watch it in its entirely. If you were a fan of the original I would suggest that you get it. Unless your one of those people that just hate English dubs, to you people out there that are haters I don't see the point either you like or you don't and dubs are pretty good now.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mahou Shoujo of the End like HOTD maybe even creepier

I just read a recently new manga it was called Mahou Shoujo of the End. Like High school of the Dead it's plot has students in a school with zombies basically. Just in this series though they have a creepy little girl killing everyone and only one girl so far with huge breasts. If it was made into a movie or anime. It would probably be one of the most creepiest. It is definitely up there even though I just read the first two chapters. Even though it creep me out I'm still going to read it. I suggest that people should read it but don't if your not into whole heads getting hit off and bodies with gaping holes and half the head which I don't get because some are headless and still moving but also there was another guy with a huge hole in his chest like massive but he was still moving.
(not for the faint of heart)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Claymore...oh whoops guess not

So I was going to do a post for claymore, freezing and the blue exorcist but the computer I'm using happens to be school issued and all the normal sites are blocked. (catagorized as porn, thanks hentai wierdos) and the only two sites I found that were not blocked happened to not be caught up on any of the above mentioned mangas. So the posts will have to be delayed until tommorow when I can (probably) get my hands on a non-school-issued-computer. Sorry

Manere sitientem amicis


So now that the season and school have actually started football has started to slow up a little in the time commitment area at least. So I will now have time to actually post occasionally.

It may not technically be of an anime but oh well, it's a great song and I did enjoy advent children

Manere sitientem amicis

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

sorry about lack of content

We just started school recently so our post are slow but it will be back soon

Monday, August 6, 2012

Chaos;Head(Anime Series Review)

On this site we review anime and manga but, not a lot of anime reviews. Here is one today about Chaos;Head dubbed and owned by Funimation. Here is a Wikipedia version of the plot:

Chaos;Head's story is set in 2009 in Shibuya and is centered around Takumi Nishijō, a high school student at the private Suimei Academy, and the strange and brutal murders that have recently occurred in the Shibuya area, known as the "New Generation" Madness. The story begins on September 28 with Takumi talking to an online friend called Grim . Grim is trying to bring Takumi up to speed about the recent New Generation events since Takumi is not interested in local or international news. A person named Shogun  joins the chat room midway through Grim and Takumi's conversation. After Grim leaves the chat room, Shōgun begins to talk. He speaks in a very cryptic and confusing manner, leaving Takumi nervous. He then sends Takumi a barrage of image links, one of which appears to be of a brutal murder of a man being pinned by stakes to a wall.
The next day, Takumi comes across a real life murder scene. Witnessing a mysterious pink-haired girl pinning a man up by stakes in an alleyway, he immediately realizes he is witnessing the very murder detailed in the pictures he received the day before. Convinced Shogun is targeting him and the girl he saw committing the murder is somehow connected to him, Takumi tries to avoid getting involved with other New Generation events. However, as Takumi begins attempting to distance himself from the crime he witnessed, he soon catches interest of the police.
With the police suspecting him, and himself convinced that he is being targeted by Shogun, Takumi finds himself caught in a spiral of delusions and paranoia, as he desperately tries to keep himself safe and figure out why he is apparently being targeted. He eventually comes into contact with several other people related to the events, including the girl he saw committing the murder herself. Unsure of what is real or who he can trust, Takumi finds himself thrust into a much larger scheme than he ever thought possible, as the mysterious company NOZOMI carefully plots something from behind the scenes.

Based on a game Chaos;Head made no sense to me. Even though I had just watched it in it's entirety I found the plot to be kind of confusing even though they had explained everything. It was also pretty depressing the main character Takumi was a shut-in anime nerd and it was just pretty weird. Takumi was basically pushed into this situation but it was a weird story. I guess for me it was probably not as good as I thought it would be. Even though it wasn't my favorite anime ever it was decent, but hey this is my own opinion

I would rate this anime on a scale of 1 to 10 based on its content, art,  and just how much I liked it.

Content I would give it an 6 because even though the story was interesting it was hard to understand it all.
For the art I would give it a 10 for the great detail, color and overall look.

Last for just how much I liked it I would give it a 6 because for me personally I just didn't like it

The average combined score is  a 7 out of 10 for its content art, and likability.

Naruto The Movie: Road to Ninja trailer

Awesome trailer for Naruto The Movie: Road to Ninja. Going to be good