Thursday, February 21, 2013

Some day that Isn't Monday Musings. Shinji Ikari

Giant robot good.
This past weekend my brother began showing a couple friends the EVA movies,  I had no interest in watching them again so I played borderlands muted while they sat on the couch watching the first movie. And me and Brandon (for whom it was the first actual EVA thing he had ever seen) were constantly making references to the hilarious Evabridged video (both of which are spectacular) and me making fun of Shinji. My brother was very defensive of Shinji and EVA alike. And so I thought to myself "Hey self, I could do a Monday musings on that" and I said back "Hey consciousness that is a good idea" and here I am.

I should prefece by saying that one of my criteria for an anime being an absolute favorite is that I must be pretty much totally and completely addicted to it while watching. And EVA was one of these. This was one of the earlier shows I ever watched and was back in the day when the only access I had to anime was watching it with my brother on his laptop. And unlike most anime I watched with him it was me bugging him to watch it instead of the other way around. I was totally hooked by the show from beginning to end. So for all of the bashing I am about to do, I still had a blast while watching it. 

The reason I really dislike Shinjii is because he is a complete whiny wimp when the show starts, which is actually good. And I think to myself  "Hey self, isn't it nice to see that someone looked at what would really happen if you had a high school er try to do this?" and I said back "Why yes it is." At the start of the show it's ok because he is very easy to relate with. Because being a wuss and trying to run away is probably what anyone sane person would do in his situation. But here is the problem, he never changes. By the end of the show I say to myself  "Hey self, I honestly think at this point I'd be in the stupid robot ready to open up a can of whoop-ass" and that is what makes me so angry. It is set up so ridiculously well for an amazing ending, where I as a watcher felt some fire in my belly to go kick some angel butt. But then when it is time for our embattled hero to step up and become awesome he, doesn't. Up to that point the series had accomplished what only a few other anime/manga have for me, which is that I really truly feel something for the characters and what they are going through. But then ruins it by just not coming through. And even if you make the argument that all of us normal people wouldn't have ever really succeeded either, even if we can watch and say we would. I would say that they don't understand the point of anime, movies, or video games. To me the whole point is that it isn't totally realistic. So even if I might have given up just as Shinjii does time and time again, I don't want to watch an anime that shows what would really happen necessarily. If I want to see that then I can go see a real apocalypse. But that is why I hate him. It is set up so perfectly and then just throws it all away. Obviously everybody is entitled to their own opinion and I'm not sure I communicated mine that great but I'm overdue for a post.

manere siteme amicus.   

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To Much Fan Service in Histories Strongest Disciple Kenichi

I have always thought of this manga as one with a decent story, decent character development and quite a bit of fan service. And that was fine, maybe a little to much fan service but overall a good manga about a boy who is seeking great strength. However when fights suddenly revolve around punches that rip as much clothes as possible without crossing the line from ecchi to hentai. I once greatly enjoyed this manga but it makes me cry...and not with joy either.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Kushinada actually has feelings

Kenichi 510: Rimi is good

New Manga: One Punch Man

This manga is a gag manga where  the main character is a boss who is depressed about his own strength. You see, he can't find any satisfying enemies, the only ones he can find he defeats in one punch. It is a manga that is surprisingly well drawn even though it basically makes people laugh. Overall this manga has a decent plot (better than one would expect since it is a gag manga) with a lot of comedy. So I would recommend this for anyone not looking for anything really serious and instead looking for lots of laughs.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.0 Review

Before watching this show I had heard lots of different things about this anime, it is awesome, it is crap, its a blueprint that all other anime follow, and that it is "art". So I had mixed feelings before going into this anime, so much in fact that it took me over two years to actually watch the show. Before I go on I want to emphasize the fact that this review about the movie, and only the first movie. Anyway, since I had heard so many different things about this anime I was very nervous going into it. As it turns out it seems that there is reason for so many different views about this anime since it has so many different ways of doing things. Such as character development and character interactions. Overall I enjoyed the show since it was so different than anything else I had seen, and I also liked the real (not, its an anime so get over it) take on what would actually happen in the situation found in the anime. Shinji didn't bother me too much, and neither did his father(although he is a jerk) and the story is very well paced. This makes for a show that gets a pass from me , and while I didn't watch the second movie yet, I still think the show was very well done and so it gets a pass from me (for now).

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kenichi 509: That's got to hurt

Zetsuan no Tempest

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that this manga got an anime recently but for some reason I never thought to look into it and so I forgot about it. That is, until last night when I was scrolling through the Crunchyroll archives and came across it. Now I can't wait to get home and watch it. While I loved the manga and its story, I haven't seen the anime (obviously) and so I can't recommend it to anyone. The manga on the other amazing and I would recommend it to anyone in a second. To summarize  Zetsuan no Tempest is an amazing manga, which everyone should see. The only reason I'm not recomending the anime is simply because I haven't watched it. But for anyone who hasn't read the manga...go read it. That is all.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Keep in mind this is Robins imagination

Monday Museings. Censorship in the Berserk Movies

I was looking at the youtube video of the trailer for the 3rd Berserk movie and I had a quick look at some of the comments, and contrary to what me and everyone I've talked to there were a lot of people complaining about the movies and that they were almost ready to give up on them. There were several reasons but one of the main ones and most interesting to me, was the thought that there was way to much censorship in the movies. In case you didn't know, Berserk is a VERY graphic manga, with regards to blood, gore, and *ahem* certain body parts. It never shys away from anything. And in my opinion the movies didn't really do anything to change that, there are several parts where they go "Look Boobies!" and we're all like "cool story bro" and there is more than enough blood and guts to satisfy the biggest sadist. I personally very much like how they handled it, for the most part. Because like the manga they never shy away from being up front about life in the middle ages, (even though it isn't technically in the middle ages it's is very much based in them) so the fact that when Casca is caught by the soldiers while running through the forest and they promptly tear open her shirt, that is just gritty reality of the time. It is never really used in a way that is truly distracting and rather is part of reading/watching Berserk. (this is outside of the scene between Griffith and Charlotte at the end of the 2nd movie, which I'll get to later) And I think that really the only things that they censored were the spots where it was distracting, for instance at the end of the first movie when Griffith is talking to Charlotte by the fountain, in the manga that fountain is a whole bunch of naked mermaids making out with each other. It's kind of like, "Hey yo, Griffith is making an important speech here that highly effects how the story turns out." and you think, "cool fountain" in the manga it's more along the lines of "Hey yo, Griffith is BOOBIES! making an im-BOOBIES-portant speech here that BOOBIES highly effects how the BOOBIES will turn out" it is just distracting, stuff like that I really dislike anyways, so cutting that is fine with me. However the end of the 2nd movie with Griffith and Charlotte has to be addressed, first off, that was straight up hentai, and whats even more frustrating to me is that it isn't anything like that in the manga! If it had been that long and drawn out in the manga I would have a much less valid argument, but in the manga all it shows is a shot of the maid looking through the keyhole and seeing some serious love making going on. Not a page, not several panels, One. Single. Panel. But in the movie they decide to make it like 3 minutes long and it is super graphic, it is just bad all around. I am really not in favor of stuff like that. However looking forward, SPOILER ALERT!!!! (and I'm going to delve a little bit into the manga here too) in the next movie, I hope that the scene during the eclipse concerning Griffith and Casca, I hope is not censored at all, that is a good example of a time where it is well used. Because in the manga all of this is a flashback and you know that Guts hates Griffith. You as the reader see it the same way you would with most manga/anime rivalries, and to contrast, in One Piece when someone pisses Luffy off it's like "Ok he is really angry" But in Berserk, because you didn't just hear about what Griffith did, you had to watch it, endure it, the same way Guts does. Guts can do nothing but scream while hopelessly watching, just as you the reader can do nothing but helplessly turn the page. It isn't enjoyable at all. It makes you angry, it makes you hate Griffith. So then when Gut's is going after Griffith you don't get the Luffy "Oh he bout to open a can of whoop-ass. Caus he pissed" you see Guts going insane trying to get Griffith and go "Wow, I want him to open a can of whoop-ass because I'm pissed." it's the difference between how much Guts hates Griffith and you being an observer of it, and you yourself sharing in his hatred. It just in general gives everything a lot of extra "umph" That is all.

manere sitientem amicis meis.