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Robin is so...Cool!

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For who ever wants to see new chapters from Comic Valkyrie

From what I could see Freezing is a bit behind, Onihime Vs is I think pretty far behind and the other comics I'm just going to say that they are kind of slowing down on the releases. For those that want a sneek peek at the new chapters in Japanese go to this link:
By the way Comic Valkyrie is going all digital so the quality might be lower

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Luffy's Red Hawk, got to say it was awesome

 I'm assuming that he is pumping blood so fast that it's heating up the air to burst in to flames

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I would like to say thank you again for getting us another 1001 views so quickly. Thank you.

Black God Chapter 91 recap

When the manga ended in Korea I was kinda worried that the scanlator would drop this manga. I have started way to many manga only to have them get dropped by the scanlator, leaving me unable to finish the manga. The fact that it was finished being released, coupled with the slow updates had me really worried, because there hasn't been an update since the manga ended. Thankfully my fears were groundless because Black God is still being released (although quite slowly). Anyway enough about my fears and on with the recap!
     To be honest its been so long since the last release I couldn't quite remember what was happening, so I had to go back and re-read the last two chapters to remind myself what was going on. But this manga traditionally has been slow in its releases, so that's nothing new to me. After reminding myself what was going on I re-read chapter 91 and was somewhat disappointed. Not because of the content, but because it was so stink-en short and it ends with a cliff-hanger. Although Kuro being awesome and owning 3 enemies without synchronizing was awesome. So what happened was the Mototsumitata of the clan they need to gain an alliance with decide they can't trust Kuro, so they try to kill her... which is understandable seeing as the Mototsumitata world is going crazy. But they can't handle Kuro, EVEN THOUGH SHE HASN'T SYNCHRONIZED WITH KEITA, talk about bad-ass. after wiping the floor with the first three, the clan leaders body guard enters the battle. Right off the bat we can tell she is no pushover, cause her syncro is so insistence, not to mention she sends Kuro flying into a lake, which is where it ends, talk about a cliff-hanger. 
       Even though Kuro was sent flying, I am willing to bet she didn't take any damage and will get back up and be like "What? That's all you got?" then the clan head will come out and end the fight. That's what I think will happen at least, the only way to know for sure is to read the next chapter...whenever it comes out. Until then don't forget to read our other posts as well as read more manga :)

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Claymore Chapter 130

So it begins.
So this is a bit delayed. Sorry about that, but better late than never I generally say.
Even though not much actually happened in this chapter it was still awsome for the plain reason of the fact that Clare was actually in it. A living, breathing, speaking, sword wielding, Clare. Just a momen while I express my joy.
ahem. So even though that one thing was pretty huge and awsome because it has been so long comming, not a whole lot happened in this chapter. We had some heart to heart between Clare and the other Claymores and an Oda box esque feature that was SO NICE, I finally now know who is who here. And they are now officially going to go and try and fight Prissila (or however the heck it's spelled) And the biggest developement is that this is apparentally going to be the final arc. :( And if it isn't there sure is a hell of a lot of false advertising going on here. Even though the next several chapters now promise to be amazing with Clare finally coming back and it being the totally BA climax of the entire series, the one downside is that since it is (apparentally) the last arc it will probably get dragged out like no ones buissness. But that isn't all bad I suppose.
Manere sittem amicus.

Fairy Tail 299

One of the most hilarious chapters yet!

Kenichi 490

Shiratori still looks like a guy come on!!
Kushinada so adorable
Bottom Left

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One piece 563(anime) Wow Robin is awesome

Robin's new abilities are awesome!!! I wonder if people actually die from her clutches or are they just knocked out

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Product Review: Cowboy Bebop Complete Collection.

So here we go, Won football game 43-0 and then went out for Mexican, now time to ensure that I don't have any unfortunate gnome related accidents.

So I am reviewing the Cowboy Bebop Complete Collection by Bandai, it is DVD, we don't have a blue ray player. First there is the obvious positive about this product, and that is that it is Cowboy Bebop, which is generally awesome in general. Keeping this in mind as usual I am reviewing the product given, aka, is there good reason to go out and buy this box set when you could just watch it on netflix.

Alright where to start, how about the short answer to the question just proposed. Yes it is worth your money, and here is why, first the box. Oh the box. This is not a flimsy one piece cardboard with two tiny little sleeves with the discs in it. No it is quite the opposite in fact, it is study enough that you don't need to worry about it breaking with it just  laying on top of your TV, it's actually pretty similar to some VHS boxes if anyone remembers those still.

 As you can see it has some serious volume to it making it generally feel more awesome, also I like the choice of cover art, overall this box is just about as good as it gets. But what of the contents of the box?
Well that is also just as worthy of the box to be held up with this amazing anime, there are 6 discs containing every episode of the series plus episode zero. There are also some interviews and also commentary with the staff who worked on the show, which as usual is something that is interesting although not really engrossing enough to deserve not just watching the anime, but if commentary is your kind of thing then it is there and it is good.
All of this is good and well, however the final and often most important question with U.S. releases is: How is the dub? This has hands down, the best dub i have ever heard, I have not watched it in japenese since getting the DVD set. Simply put it is awesome.
So to put it simply, this DVD set is totally worthy of being the caretaker of the anime, everything about it is awesome. So if you have $20 or so lying around then get up and get this thing. It is amazing.

Take that Karma gnome. -_-

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Fairy Tail 298

It was a filler but boy was it good.

Kenichi 489

OK who actually knew that Shiratori was actually a girl because that never showed up as far as I could remember. In the anime she had male features and well in the English dub it was male not positive on the Japanese dub though because it was the high male low female voice kind of thing. Please comments saying if you knew and what chapter that was actually apparent or were you just shocked like I was. I would like to know. This was a good chapter with a surprise to me and I am too shocked to say anymore.
Japan, why do you have to make tell gender differences so hard sometimes?

What the heck when did this happen?!?!


Well in case you didn't notice I have done pretty much no posting for a really long time, and I've got a grand total of a little under a half hour of free time in this class so I will just apologize about that and give a major shout out to the other guys for holding the flag that I wanted to put into the ground so badly. I have also decided that I will make this a little bit higher priority, aka maybe post in the hour or so of free time I get every day instead of playing xbox or watching baseball. So stand firm sons of thunder, these may be tough times but the night is always darkest just before the yeah. Tonight after my football game I will be posting a product review and we are going to start working on getting the podcast back online. Also because wendsday is not really humpday so much for manga fans since that's when lots of manga come  out so you don't really need to have any extra help to get you through the day, so instead we will have TGIFAMV. There now that I have put all of that on the blog I must go through with it. because if I don't..........

Karma Gnome is watching.....

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Naruto 600

Guys it always comes down to the girl.

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online, a great anime for people that like MMOs and anime, manga, or Japanese novels because this is based off a novel. The basic premise is that there is a popular MMO coming out in Japan that uses a helmet that actually puts you into the game digitally while your body in the real world doesn't move or do anything. The problem is the creator of the game and the helmets took captive of everyone, brains, who play the game and nobody is allowed to leave until one person defeats the last level, which is level 100. This anime is 9 episodes in, but will have at least 25 episodes and the series so far as I could see spans over a few years because of this 2 year time skip I saw.
The story as I said what in an online world where Kazuto Kirigaya, or Kirito in game, are playing the game to get out. As the story progresses you find out that Kirito was also a beta tester and the people in the game hate beta testers so his is a solo player most of the time. You also will see multiple love interests but I would not consider this a harem, but it still is a romance. I don't want to give away to much, so I suggest you all watch it I so far like it and a full review will come out when the series is over. If you don't mind subtitles watch it, it's apart of the good shows that came out during the summer.

Please leave comments tell me what you guys and gals think

Sorry about the slow posting

We're in school now and Joe has football so he's not posting right now but when we have a change we'll post. Thank you

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Thanks for the 4000 views world

Since we're a small anime and manga blog we're always happy when we get a thousand views. Thanks to all that clicked on our Google ad to bring you here and all that just find us. If you like us please comeback because were happy that people like what we do.