Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Golden Week this Week So No Jump

Tower of God: Breakdown of the Rules for the Test

-The goal is to gather 7 teammates and 6 rooms
The most important requirement for this test is faith

*roommates now act as a team and work together to steal other rooms as well as protect their own room

*The remotes of the rooms have the capability to open or close the room and can change the ownership of the room.

*The personal connectors connect to the remote. Once connected to another persons remote, you can decide to either become his/her teammate or take his/her room. (To become teammates, press the blue button; to take the room, press the red button.) (Once you become teammates, you can share rooms and take/protect rooms together.)

*If you take the remote out of the room you will be disqualified. (And one person must remain in the room at all times, with his/her connector connected to the remote.)

*If the number of regulars in the testing area fall below 7, Viole wins.

*If Viole takes the connector from the Ranker and steals Yeon's room, only Viole passes the test.

*In taking the 6 rooms necessary to pass the test, the last room taken must be Yeon's room on the top floor.

*You can only use your own connector

*If you press the red and blue buttons together, you'll be accepted into the connected person's team and betray your former teammates

*Viole's connector that's in the hands of the Ranker can automatically open Yeon's room

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sankarea Ep 3 Review

Rea finally dies. I did think that it would take three episodes for her to finally die. It was definitely noticeable that Rea's guts were censored because it was like a black blob on her body. I guess that they would have had to censor it anyway because it was on TV but it was not like it ruined how it looked. I thought that it was a great episode because I think it was the episode closes to the manga. I really would what they will do will the episodes stick to the manga or with it make its own story. I hope that this series will be longer than the usual 12 to 13 episodes that anime have, I want it to be good and long but that is probably to much to ask for I at least need a good ending to the series. 

Here is Rea with her guts(Click on the images for a better view)

Friday, April 20, 2012

One Piece Chapter 664 Recap

    Hello once again, or if it's your first time visiting this blog, than welcome! This week on One Piece the most notable thing that happened would probably be seeing C.C's face (which was definitely...different). While we still don't know the specifics of C.C's plan, I think it is safe to say that it involves lots of death. C.C seems to think that he should be the number one scientist and it quickly became apparent that he would do anything to get that title. It also seems that the strange weather on Punk Hazard isn't only because of the fight between the admirals (although it certainly was a part of it). Rather it was a failed experiment that messed up the climate. We also see a experiment being preformed on one of the prisoners on the island. I don't really want to go into a whole lot of detail about  it, so lets just say that if 4Kids was still airing the anime...well lets just say that they would have some problems with this particular episode.
    Let's see... next on the list is...Ah! Smoker! So, Smoker has decided that he isn't leaving the island until he gets his body back and C.C has been stopped. I don't know how, but even with Tashigi's cute look and naive personality (and unbuttoned shirt) Smoker manages to make her look absolutely terrifying!...Sorry but I  had to mention that at some point. Ummm... yeah thats it , more or less. If I missed anything I'm sorry, but you'll just have to listen to our podcast for anything else. Thanks for reading this and I'll see you next week. Until then, don't forget to read more manga :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Freezing 75 is out with typos

Podcast #2

First I would like to say that we had a good podcast this time but There is a lot of rambling but it is a podcast please enjoy and comment. Note that the Fairy Tail review is in part two.

Part 1

Part 2

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fairy Tail 279

This chapter turned out to be a huge swimsuit contest with Mira Jane revealing a satan soul that was never seem before and a big new development that involves Lucy

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Freezing ch 91 is released???!!??

For some reason a unknown translator is doing freezing not a bad job to read but they went from chapter 74 and skipped all the way to Chiffon's death in 91 I think. I am really wondering how this unknown person gets all of these new Freezing chapters and the people originally translating Freezing is falling behind. I believe skipping so many chapters is a bad spoiler. It would have been nice if it was in order.

One Piece chapter 663 Recap

   It's been a while since the last chapter so forgive me if I can't think of any catchy opening lines. Instead lets just get started with the recap shall we? Last chapter left me full of excitement and apprehension. And the break only served to make those emotions grow. It left off with Smoker getting owned and Luffy meeting up with Law.
     This week we finally get what we have been waiting for, well a taste of it at least. We finally get to see Sanji in all his glory. I never thought I would see Nami getting a bloody nose, but miracles happen, and that certainly was a miracle. What? What's that James? It wasn't Nami with a bloody nose, it was actually Sanji?! That's true, but it was her body that was bleeding, so that's good enough for me. By the way, who do you thing you are?! Trying to correct me is not your job, your job is to type my posts! What do you mean this isn't a job because you aren't getting paid? You fool just being able to be in my presence is more that enough pa--WAIT! WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT TALKING BACK TO ME?! AND WHY ARE YOU WRITING THIS CONVERSATION DOWN? DELETE IT!!Baka...lets get back to the recap shall we? Let's see... Ah! Right we were talking about the body swap. Well not much else to say about that except the fact that it's funny. But I do wonder if they are going to have to fight while they are in a different body, it would be really interesting and probably funny to see. We'll just have to wait for that...James what did I tell you about not letting me get sidetracked? Didn't I say that if I stray to far from actually doing the recap you needed to stop me? WELL THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU?! Baka...let's see what else was there to talk about? Oh! Luffy and Law! I wasn't sure what was going to happen when they met, but my gut told me that they wouldn't fight. It turns out that my gut was right, instead of fighting Law transports them to another part of the island ( after many thanks from Luffy for saving his life). After the strawhats are gone Law switches Smoker's and Tashigi's bodies. Once Law finished the Marines, he goes and meets Cesar Clown. We don't know much about him other than the was once a colleague of Dr. Vegapunk. If that's not enough he was a bounty hunter and is insane.
      There was certainly lots of interesting stuff that happened this chapter. Quite a few questions were answered, but as always it only left us with more. Whats going to happen to the strawhats? Where is the Samurai's child? Why is Law working with C.C? What does--Stop? Why should I stop? I still have questions that I haven't mentioned yet. What do you mean I--Oh you mean that I was rambling on again, well thank you for stopping me this time James. Good job. Oh and you better have deleted all that stuff I said earlier about your pay. You did? Good. That's all I have folks, all we can do now is wait for next week and read more manga :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The new anime Jormungand

Jormungand seems to have the feel of Black Lagoon. I'm probably thinking that because the song is sung in english

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sankarea Ep 1 review

As of the first episode I am like the series of the anime version. The coloring and artistry of the characters really did justice to them. How well they were drawn was how I imaged they would look on the small screen. As far as I could tell the first episode only had the first chapter of the manga not saying it bad though. The first episode also gave a bit more back story to the whole thing and it was a nice touch. Episode two will probably have Rea death and the episodes just might match the chapters in the manga and as the series goes on I am curious at what they will do. From what I saw I didn't see the anime move at the same pace as the manga it felt a bit slower and not as fun but it was still a good watch. If you are a fan of the manga I would totally recommend the anime.

here are a couple of pictures that compare the anime to manga. It is easy to see the different styles.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Claymore 125 Recap

There should be a picture here but it dosn't feel like uploading so use your imagination.
Claymore 125 has come out and this is in a pretty big place in the story with a whole bunch of crap about to collide.
              First Miria is successfull (that is spelled so bad) and only one of the scary people remains. Oh yea the super scary person showed up though. And Raki makes his apperance again as a hero-boss-man. One thing had better come from this. With the super scary person kinda showing up but not really because everybody is still alive and Raki seemingly about to become a central part of the story again. I think that Clare is finally about to come back (took you friggin long enough). This is a very good thing, the main charecters are the best charecters and now they are comming back. I'm also thinking that this is potentially going to be the home stretch starting. Because a Clare vs. Scary-Person battle is in the works now. And that should probably be the final action of the series, although with the whole war thing on a different continent thing it could certainly go farther.

Imagine another picture here because its still not uploading.

Manere sitientem amicis 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sankarea Anime is Out!!!

A review when I get a chance to watch which will hopefully be the best series that is coming out in the spring season