Saturday, March 31, 2012

Freezing it is really being cranked out

I'm not do a recap on Freezing I just here to say that 5 new chapters are out!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Humpday AMV

High School Of The Dead AMV. Its not the best AMV ever but its got the White Stripes in it so it gets some lee-way. Visit the creator's channel here.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Remembering Bleach

Bleach is over After 8 years

As of today(March 27,2012) the popular series of Bleach is over, well at least the anime. The anime started as of October 5, 2004 and ended just recently on March 27,2012. With the anime popularity in the beginning it felt like the show would last for ever. Then the filler and long story arcs had just killed the show. With Bleach's 8 year streak it was not too bad. Granted I did have my times where I just waited for the filler to be over to start watching again I thought the series was great. As the episodes went on the art styling of the anime got better that you could have a noticeable difference from the first episode compared to its last. Bleach was just one of those anime that you can love but also really hate. The story was good but the arcs were too long. But, I guess in this world there is always give and take. As Bleach came to an end I just thought that,"man this was a great anime overall and I hate to see it go." That's just my opinion though I know a lot of people who would had just loved to see Bleach end. In the end I'll probably not re-watch the 366 episodes of Bleach, but I'll sure to remember the good times I had watching those episodes for years to come(kind of cheesy I know).

Please Comment tell us what you though of the Bleach series

Friday, March 23, 2012

One Piece Chapter 661 Recap

       Hello again viewers. This week we all get a little bit jealous of Sanji. As well as feel horribly sorry for Nami. Why? Well that is a simple question with a simple answer. The tragedy that befell Nami (as well as Chopper, Franky and Sanji) is that Sanji is now in her body. Yup, Law can switch personalities, a truly frightening skill to say the least. The fact that Sanji, SANJI of all people gets put in Nami's body can only mean one thing. Next weeks chapter is going to be borderline ecchi. Lets face it people, there is no way that Sanji will be able to contain himself. Besides, after two years spent running from deranged okama, I think Sanji has earned this reward.
      Back to the actual recap, um... before I go any further I want to make one thing perfectly clear. If you don't know what ecchi is than go on living your life without knowing. But if you really have to know and can't stand living without knowing what it is. Then let me give you some advise. *clears throat* DON"T GOOGLE IT!!
      Let's continue with the recap, shall we? Umm...Oh! Luffy VS. LAW. I don't think that it is going to happen. Not because Luffy can't win, but because it would be cooler if  Luffy and Law became more like...Rivals? I'm not really sure what the word is, but it is the exact same relationship that Shanks and Mihawk have. Besides, Law is too cool to simply be obviated by Luffy. So...yeah that's what I think about them fighting. On another note, I don't think that Smoker can beat Law. There is really only one reason for this conclusion, and that would be their rank. Smoker is a boss, but it would take an admiral to defeat a Shichibuki in one on one combat. 
       Last on the list of things that happened this week ( at least the ones that I can think of) is Luffy's fight against centaurs. Centaurs!! What the heck is going on inside this island! I think that what ever is going on needs to stop...except...they can keep making centaurs, because centaurs are awesome. So...that's the recap folks, see you next week, but until then don't forget to read more manga (:

Friday, March 16, 2012


Well due to the epic standoffs about to happen in both onepiece and claymore, I think that a not AMV is acceptable here.
"You see tuco, in this world there are two kinds of people. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig."-The Man With No Name.
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Claymore 124 Chapter Recap

This is pretty late and I'm sorry about that, between Rugby and my computer being stupid I have some exuse, even if its not very good. Anyways On WITH THE RECAp!


This chapter we find our heroes in the same peril they have been in for the past several chapters. The claymores are fighting Hysteria and the other two scary-no-longer-asleep-so-kinda-awakened-or-something-like-that-people are fighting each other. Miria is executing her plan to get all three of the scary-no-longer-asleep-so-kinda-awakened-or-something-like-that-people to fight each other but hysteria thinks she ruined it by shedding a whole bunch of wieght and ergo (lol wat? Matrix FTW) can move really fast in the air just like on the ground. Although Miria is prepared and then has some wings spun by the other claymores and ergo (double matrix FTW) gets all three of the scary-no-longer-asleep-so-kinda-awakened-or-something-like-that-people togather. And so that story is mainly progressing as we could have seen, but no one died or anything so not a ton has changed, but I am really looking foward to the next couple of chapters to see which of the scary-no-longer-asleep-so-kinda-awakened-or-something-like-that-people survives and how the claymores can beat them. And in the story of the main charecter...................AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY U NO USE MAIN CHARECTER EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously. Clair (or however you spell it) is the main reason I keep reading, but we havn't seen her in forever. So hopefully something happens with her soon.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Piece chapter 660 Recap

       To start this week I want state the obvious, and that is that the New World is terrifying! We have been in the new world for...a day? I think that's how long it has been... the point is that it has been a very short time and yet we have seen a island with one half on fire, and the other half is a frozen wasteland. We have met Smoker as well as the  Shichibukai, Trafalgar Law. All this has happened in a day...not sure what I was going to say I'm going to keep talking. " But this is a blog, you aren't talking, you are typing" That's true, but I talk to myself when I type. *clears throat* Ah! Trafalgar Law! Pretty cool right? I mean, him being a Shichibukai and all. Although, I have to wonder what he is doing on Punk Hazard, it's pretty obvious that he is working with the scientists, but why and what does he hope to achieve? I think that he is working under super secret orders from the government. And that he is there to protect the scientists while they are trying to understand some of Dr. Vegapunk's work. Oh! The disassembled samurai finally makes since now! It wasn't Buggy like I first thought, but instead it was Law that disassembled him. Although that doesn't mean that Buggy isn't a shichibukai, because if you think back, there were three shichibukai spots that were left vacant before the break, Gekko Moriah's, Jinbei's and Blackbeard's, so it is still entirely possible that Buggy is indeed a Shichibukai.
Anyway, thanks for reading this! I'll see you next week, until then don't forget to read more manga :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Naruto 577 Recap

I'm going to keep this short.

In the beginning Tsunade is pulling out all the stops she is using her forbidden tiqnque Byakugou. She has used it before but not to the extent that the markings go all over her body. Then the 5 kages charge torwards Madara. Fighting him to the best of their abilities. When they thought that they had defeated them it turned out to only be a clone that is seal. Now Tsunade is stabbed by a tree or something. Then it shifts over to Itachi where he finds Kabuto and a epic talk between them might begin.

The chapter was good. It was cool how Tsunade revealed for Byakugou and was almost maybe able to defeat Madara. I was kind of disapointed that the chapter wasn't longer because I felt that I went through it pretty fast. I did though had to go back through it to make some sense of things that are happening right now. Overall good chapter can't wait to see what happens next.

Yeah! We finally passed 1,000

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