Monday, May 27, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mahou Shoujo of the End 9: Hidden dere

There are always weird twists in manga, but this one really suprised me. If you have read Mahou Shoujo of the End you can find the bully being the good person and the childhood friend the evil one. So much so that she seemed to have had the good girl bully her so that the guy would feel sorry for her and hate the girl who likes him(apparently). Or that is how it seems so far.

WooT 14000 Pageviews!

Hey everyone, this is me saying thanks for all you're support. When we first started I didn't really think we would make it to 1000 views, boy was I wrong.

God of Highschool chapter 108: The Monkey King Aka Sun Wukong

So Jin Mo-Ri is Goku, aka sun Wukong aka THE MONKEY KING!!!! Shit is getting real. I could go into detail and explain this, but instead I'm going to do this: For anyone wondering what the funk is going on or who the Monkey King is, click on this link.
Also the big pillar thing that falls through the moon "Ryui Jingu" is his weapon. More information about it can be found here: