Sunday, June 30, 2013

Naruto Shippuden: WTF FILLER MUCH?

Right in the middle of the story, just when things are about to get REAL (Maddra), filler pops up. Not just the silly little three episode fillers that serve to buy time. Its a full blown filler arc that does nothing and needs to end! I mean come on its been 16 weeks!!! Just make it end. It needs to end. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

New Precure movie Yay...

Its not like there's fourteen other PreCure movies out there, but whatever. The movie will air in Japan October 26 so expect it to be online around Thanksgiving. The story goes something like this: Cure Heart is sent back in time, but seems that Rikka and Alice have gone missing. So Heart has to find them and re-form their friendship otherwise they wont be friends in the future. And this below is the new artwork for the movie.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi chapter 528

So as it turns out Shigure not only inherited knowledge of swordplay from her father but also knowledge of "the secret of steel" which I thought only her father knew. So now Shigure will provide the alliance with top notch weapons? That's great! I only have one rather...small complaint. In the picture below please look at the bottom left image. Done? Good. Now: BLACKSMITHS DO NOT WEAR PORN OUTFITS WHILE WORKING ON THE FORGE!!!!!!! Just wanted to get that of my chest.

Breaker NW Negotiation: Sunwoo style

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Musings. 3rd Bowl Of Porridge.

For the 3rd and final installment of Anime and manga length. The 3rd Bowl of porridge is the medium length. The best example that comes to mind would be something like FMA: Brotherhood. These can be anything from an established manga (FMA) to to a original anime that happens to have success so it goes for a few seasons. Contrary to the three little pigs this is not always just right.

When done well however The 3rd Bowl can have that perfect middle ground. It has the length to fully develop characters and story, while not going so long that you have to become a shut in for a year to finish it. Only a month or so. which if done in the winter won't cause you to be much more pale than everybody else! (for maximum social acceptability.) Although admittedly I don't think that is the highest concern on most people who are really into anime's priorities. But does make it easier to get a new person to watch it. Keeps said person entertained for a long period of time, without forcing a serious life change. Because most people watch TV every day any ways.

When done well this has the potential to be the best. Although it hasn't turned out that way very much because by definition the best anime and manga are not as likely to go that distance. If it is a top flight success like One Piece there isn't any reason to stop. Or get a classic like Cowboy Bebop, and they don't want to go longer so as not to mess with their classic rating.

Thats really it, most of the pluses and minuses were covered previously. So Shorter Post.

Manere Sitiem Amicus.