Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hi everyone we are partially back!!

So... I haven't posted on this blog for a while even though it's my baby. College and friends are a big distraction. So I'm thinking that I will start posting again and I'm surprised that people pop in once in a while, it made me pretty happy. I don't think my other friends will post any more, but I will try and do it again. My first real post will be a Sankarea manga review because I just finished it. Not sure if you guys are interest, but it's one of the few that I've actually had time to finish since I started when it first came out. So look out for that.

On a side note me and a buddy of my are going to try and start a manga scanlator site and translate and release stuff we find good. Not sure how it will go or when we will actually start, but it should be interesting haha. At this point I'm testing out his skills and comparing to already know scanners so... cheer us on. Oh if you guys have any suggestions that have raws available tell and we might check it out, but please no yaoi, yuri, or like that kind of stuff please.

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